Our story reflects the story of Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well from the Gospel of John. When Jesus met her, he not only knew her intimately, but he also let her get to know him as the Messiah. When the woman realized who He was, she went and proclaimed it to her town, bringing a mass of new followers to Jesus. This has become the foundation of our women’s ministries at Bidwell Presbyterian Church – the image of a Christ who knows us, is known by us, and inspires us to make him known to others.

All of our programs and groups in Wellspring Women’s Ministry exist to support the mission of knowing Christ, being known by Christ, and making Christ known to others.



START DATE: January 26, 2022
TIME: 9:15AM – 11:15AM
LOCATION: BPC Fellowship Hall

Welcome to WEB 2022 Kick-Off
Starting Wednesday, January 26 at 9:15 a.m.

Welcome back to W.E.B. We will be starting our ministry in person again on Wednesday, January 26, weekly. We introduce our format in more detail in the coming weeks. We’re excited to convene in Fellowship Hall to build up our fellowship with one another and be built up in God’s Word.

Our theme for the year is “The Jesus Way: A Year in the Sermon on the Mount.” Instructors will include Pastors Henry, Ray, and Greg,  Jill Vanderheiden (Life Group and Mission’s Coordinator), and select members of W.E.B.



Presbyterian Women Bible Study. Any and all women are welcome to attend the monthly Bible Study. Meetings are on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 9:45AM in the Fellowship Hall.

Presbyterian Women (PW) is a national organization with a chapter here at BPC which meets the first Tuesday of the month for a Bible Study and Fellowship.


All are Welcome!

Patty Davidson


On a regular basis, we offer offsite women’s retreats, onsite seminars, and half-day “intreats,” and other opportunities for women to connect, such as Saturday “Coffee Connection” and Friday night “Mothers’ Night Out.”