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Meet our BPC College Coordinators

Chris Corbitt

Chris is working on getting to know our college students, so if you’d like to know a little bit more about him, read on! Chris and his wife Jamie have four kids: Dillon (18), Josiah (13), Calie (11) and Haylee (10). Be sure to say hi if you see them around!

What motivates you to work with college students? Why do you think college ministry is so important?

I was a student at Chico State, and looking back I realize what an immensely important time it was to find out more about myself and my faith.  I didn’t realize it then, but that foundation of what I believed and how I approached my faith ultimately set the tone of my early adulthood after college. I have a desire for students to know what God holds dear to His heart so they will too. Our lives are in need of constant growth and change and God has set us, as his people, on that journey to be transformed into the image of His Son. Exploring the character of God together will lay a truly strong foundation for college students to build upon for the rest of their lives.

 What’s something you love about Chico?

Chico’s small-town atmosphere and slow-paced lifestyle suits me and my family well.  I like that our town has an active art and music culture. I also like the multitude of activities available to my family in Chico and the surrounding area. We are not excessively far from the coast or the city or the snow. Also, I like to eat and I think we have some great places in town!

A fun fact you’d like to share — maybe a favorite place you’ve been, something you like to collect, or a quirky habit you have.

I love art and music! I collect art as much as my budget allows and I love listening to music. As far as playing it, that’s a different story. I learned to play guitar at age 33, so I’m a bit rough around the edges to say the least.  I can at least squeeze out a song and sing along, so it’s something I’m very thankful to be able to do.



Kiersten Watkins

1) What motivates you to work with college students?

I have a passion for the health of the intergenerational church body and for integrating students into church life after graduation. I really want people to know who they are in Christ, see their unique thumbprint, and grow in that identity. In college, people are finally in a space where they are asking hard questions that shape who they are as adults. It’s a pivotal, catalytic time of life and college students are open to wrestling with hard questions. College is a time of self-discovery, reflection, adventuring, becoming your own person. I love coming alongside college students as they find their voice and significance and fall in love with Jesus.

 2) Why do you think college ministry is so important?

College ministry has the potential to reach many people with the love of Jesus because the students are actually in classes with other people who are asking hard questions. It’s important for college students to have tools they can use to listen better and contribute to meaningful dialogue. I think college students are really open to seeing God can talk to us not only through Christian books and conferences, but also through the world God has created – through movies, music, what people say in class.

3) What’s something you love about Chico?

I love the diversity that Chico provides. The campus is situated right by downtown, there’s a gorgeous myriad of parks, and it has a home-grown feel with a big city edge.

4) A fun fact you’d like to share — maybe a favorite place you’ve been, something you like to collect, or a quirky habit you have.

Every time I move to a new place, the first thing I do is find my coffee shop – even before I go grocery shopping! I need a spot where I can connect and know people. Since I moved back to Chico it’s been Upper Crust, mostly for the atmosphere. In Redding it was The Stirring, in Roseville it was Foursquare. Also, I will dance anywhere and everywhere for kombucha!


College Ministry

Bidwell College Ministry is a ministry of Bidwell Presbyterian Church. We are located in Chico, California, next to the CSUC campus. Our mission is to guide college students in the journey of discipleship to Christ. Students gather for worship and teaching at the Bidwell at One Thirty-One worship service on Sundays, strengthen their faith by studying the Bible, build relationships and vibrant community through fun activities, and live life intentionally by participating in mission and service and opportunities.


Though subject to spontaneous outbursts of fun, College Ministry does attempt to plan out events! Check our calendar to see what we DO have planned… and then check in with us on Instagram for those spur-of-the-moment things!

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