Welcome to The Underground

Grades 6-8


REMINDER: Service times have changed! New service times are 8:15, 9:30, and 10:45.

Special Events

VBX Jr. 

VBX season is a season of fun at BPC! For youth who volunteer at VBX, the fun continues after the younger kids head home! If you weren’t able to volunteer but still want to come hang out, please do so! Join us for these activities after VBX Jr. and VBX:

June 19: Frozen Yogurt: Join us at noon (after VBX Jr.) and we’ll walk to get fro-yo together! Bring cash for your favorite flavor. Pick-up: BPC, 1:30

June 20: Swim at One-Mile: Join us at noon (after VBX Jr.) and we’ll go swim at One Mile together! Bring your swimsuit, towel, and lunch to enjoy in the park. Pick-up: One-Mile, 2:00

June 21: Terrain Park Bouldering: Join us at noon (after VBX Jr.) and we’ll walk over to Terrain Park, Chico’s new indoor rock-climbing venue! Bring your lunch or cash to buy something to eat, plus $16 for your entry and shoes. PLEASE NOTE: Parents must fill out Terrain Park’s waiver.  Pick-up: BPC 3:45


June 25: Frozen Yogurt: Join us at 12:30 (after VBX) and we’ll walk to get fro-yo together! Bring cash for your favorite flavor. Pick-up: BPC, 1:15

June 26: Incredibles II: Have you been waiting for something incredible? Well, it’s here! We’re going to the movies to see the new Incredibles movie. Bring cash for your ticket. Time TBA. Pick-up: Cinemark 14 (Tinseltown), TBA

June 27: Upper Park Swim: Grab your swimsuit, towel, and lunch (or eat beforehand), and meet us at the Monkey Face parking lot at 1:30. From there, we’ll walk over to the creek to cool off! If you need a ride from the church, please let us know. Pick-up: Monkey Face Parking Lot, 3:30

June 28: Shubert’s Ice Cream Outing: Meet us at 12:30 (after VBX) and we’ll head to Shubert’s for ice cream! Bring cash for your favorite flavors. Pick up: BPC, 1:30

June 29: Scholarship Work Day & Water Games: Meet us at 12:30 (after VBX) at the Student Center for lunch on us! At 1:30 we’ll join forces with our custodial team clean up after VBX. At 3:30, we’ll launch into water games at the park. Pick-up: BPC, 5:30

** Please note: the Lake day previously scheduled for June 29th has been canceled.


Underground Underwater: June 14, June 28, July 12, July 26

Pool parties are our favorite way to beat the heat! This summer, plunge into the pool and dive into a devotional with your friends at Underground Underwater! Dinner is provided, and there is no cost and no registration required! Join us from 6-8 pm at the following locations:

June 14: 969 Marguerite Ave.

June 28: 1488 Rim Rock Dr.

July 12: 3515 Keefer Rd.

July 26: 1488 Rim Rock Dr.

Scholarship Workdays – June 29, July 26

If you have applied for a scholarship, there are several ways to work toward the amount you have requested. We have ongoing opportunities that you can take advantage of on your own time. If you’d like to join others working toward scholarships, or if you’d just like to serve in a practical way, put the above scholarship workday dates on your calendar.  Check our Youth Volunteer Page for full details and descriptions of our ongoing opportunities and special scholarship workdays.  Please email Jenna at jchristophersen@bidwellpres.org to let us know which scholarship workdays you plan to participate in.

Rock-N-Water Summer Camp – July 17-20

Registration Deadline: June 29

Three days of adventure exploring, hiking and enjoying the spray of white water on your face.  We’ll spend 1 day canyoneering2 days of Class III river rafting on the South Fork of the American River. Each day on our adventures, we’ll experience the beauty and strength of God’s creation.  We’ll challenge ourselves physically, to grow in our Christian faith and build lasting teamwork skills.  Among other things we’ll take part in quiet times, campfires, climbing, exploring, and rafting.

Check out Rock-N-Water’s Facebook, watch Rock-N-Water videos, and read the description about the Canyon Classic for details about our trip. We have reserved spaces for our group, so register here (not on the Rock-N-Water website) by clicking the button below. Cost is $387 per participant; scholarships are available.

*** Please note: Parents must fill out medical information/liability release forms for BPC and Rock-N-Water. Sorry for the repetition!

New Underground AM Time

On June 17th, BPC is moving to a three-service model. Due to this change, Underground AM will now meet in the Student Center during the 10:45 service. See you there!

Weekly Programs

Our midweek programs have ended for the school year, but we have plenty of fun events to keep kids engaged over the summer!

Underground Midweek: Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00 p.m.

6th-8th Grade —  BPC Student Center

Underground AM: Sundays, 9:45-11:00 a.m.

6th-8th Grade — Room 015 (in the Fellowship Hall at 208 W. 1st St.)

Refuge Midweek: Wednesdays, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

9th-12th Grade —  top floor of 131 W. 1st St. (dinner included)

Refuge AM: Sundays, 10:00 a.m.

9th-12th Grade — top floor of 131 W. 1st St. (attend 10:30 service together)

Underground Social Media


Work Scholarship Applications

We never want money to be a reason a kid can’t go to an event or retreat. Register for an event using the “scholarship” option, then apply for a work scholarship using the form below. Please be sure to indicate the amount requested, up to 75%. Email completed forms to jchristophersen@bidwellpres.org.


Medical/Liability Forms

We want kids to be safe! Every participant in any event must have a BPC medical information/liability release form on file.


Meet Underground Mentors!

You want to know who will be spending time with your kids… and we want to meet you! See who’s on staff and send us a message!