Walk4 Water Volunteer Meeting

The Walk4Water is educational, fun and inspirational for all ages. The 10th Annual Walk4Water will take place in Bidwell Park on April 14, 2018.  Participants begin their 2K or 5K walk at the One Mile Dam Recreation Area with an empty bucket in hand.  As they go, walkers visit educational stations about the tremendous need for safe water on a global scale and about water conservation in their home communities. Participants fill their empty buckets from the creek at the mid-way point and carry it back to the One Mile Recreation Area, simulating the long walks made daily by women and children of developing countries where clean water  boreholes  (hand pumped wells) do not yet exist.   To make the Walk4Water successful, approximately 100 community volunteers from schools, churches and other service groups help to organize the event.

“Growing Out” In Service

Your life, work, relationships, family and talents are unique and we believe God has entrusted you with those things for His purposes. You have a unique opportunity to be His ambassador of hope, freedom and reconciliation right where you are. Consider yourself SENT by God into your daily conversations and activities, to proclaim His love.

Our Local Mission Partners

Butte County Habitat For Humanity

Over one-third of Americans suffer from some sort of housing problem.  In Butte County, more than 21.5% of our population lives well below the federal poverty level.  Habitat for Humanity seeks to be a partner and catalyst in building communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.  Habitat’s vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live.   Habitat brings people together not only as a way to deliver a product – improved housing – but as an essential process for building hope and belief that healthier communities are achievable and beneficial for all.  Habitat practices a philosophy of “a hand up, not a handout” and builds on existing community assets: financial, physical, natural, human, social, and spiritual.  Families applying for a new home build in partnership with Habitat and are carefully screened and selected.  Selection is based on their need for housing, their willingness to work alongside other volunteers throughout the building process and their ability to pay for their new home. Sweat equity, no-interest loans, and Habitat’s no-profit business model make the houses affordable and foster a sense of pride for homeowners. Website

Cast Hope

Cast Hope is an outdoor youth outreach program; we get kids outside with their mentors—sharing the love of God and His creation. Through guided fly fishing, camping, hiking, educational field trips, and workshops, these underprivileged/at-risk kids build relationships with strong, positive mentors, gain outdoor/fly fishing skills and knowledge, learn sustainable practices, and internalize positive personal values.  Website

Chico Food Project

The Chico Food Project is a fun and simple way to share food with the hungry in our community. We come to your doorstep 6 times per year to pick up your blue bag filled with non-perishables and leave you an empty bag for the next pickup. We are over 1,000 members strong and we collect more than 11,000 lbs. of food at each pickup. The food is given to the Chico Food Locker, the Jesus Center, the Salvation Army, Vectors For Veterans, Christbridge Ministries and St. Vincent De Paul. Website

Adopt A School Citrus

We are partnering with the teachers and students of Citrus School. The ministry is centered on giving hope to children by showing them God’s unconditional love and guiding them into becoming whole persons socially, intellectually and spiritually. Donations of your time, your talents, your prayers and gifts are always appreciated. The Bobcat Den is stocked by our church and the children spend Power Paws (vouchers) they earn for being responsible, respectful and safe. School supplies, bikes, holiday items, books, knickknacks, gently used clothing, jewelry, etc. are always welcome. Email


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s (IVCF) vision is: To see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed. Here in Chico we have both a traditional and international student chapter at Chico State. For many International students while they come to learn abuot America, they are never invited into American homes. Many of them are curious about Jesus. Through IVCF, we give them opportunities to see Jesus for themselves through Bible studies and relationships with American students and host families.  Email  |  Website

Jesus Center

The Jesus Center has been at the core of those in need in Chico. The Center has been working to serve the poor for over 30 years, serving well over 100,000 meals a year and providing many essential services. Services include shelter for women and children: The Sabbath House and House of Hope a transitional housing program. The Center has a Resource Center offering many helps, which include phone and mail service, assistance with rehabilitation, housing as well as work experience programs, including the downtown Clean Up Brigade. Additionally, the Jesus Center Community Farm which exists to provide work experience. The Center offers daily bible studies and breakfast and worship service on Sundays. Annual events supporting the work of the Jesus Center include Heroes for teh Homeless in the spring and Run for Food on Thanksgiving Day. The Center is located at 1297 park Ave. in Chico, for more information call 345-2640 or email us.  Website

Orchard Church

Over the past several years BPC has developed a relationship with Orchard Church.  This church has a heart for Jesus and a dream to build a church that serves the community in practical and tangible ways.  Each Christmas Orchard Church reaches out to over 100 families in need by providing Christmas gifts and dinners.  Website

Run For Food

Run for Food began in 2006 when a group of Chico families and businesses saw the amazing impact the Jesus Center has by providing food and services to those in need in Chico. Knowing the Jesus Center is funded solely by community support, they came together to organize the Thanksgiving Day run/walk benefiting the Jesus Center.

Since its inception, the event has continued to grow. In 2016, over 5,000 participants, 83 businesses, and 200 volunteers came together to help raise funds for the Jesus Center and its exciting new programs. The Jesus Center provides two meals a day, six days a week, shelter for women and children, a resource center open to anyone seeking help to find housing, work, and a new start. In short, the Jesus Center offers hope. website

Senior Home Maintenance

The Bidwell Presbyterian church Senior Home Maintenance Ministry has been caring for people who need assistance due to aging, widowhood, disability, or illness since 2005. Our mission is to demonstrate God’s love by being in relationship with others and by doing the work to repair, refresh, and revive their homes and yards.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides a variety of assistance programs to the needy here in Chico and around the world. A few of the programs offered locally include the George Walker Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center, a Meal Ministry that feeds the needy a warm meal every Sunday evening, a Prescription Drug Assistance program, and Holiday Gift Baskets to low-income families. BPC has partnered with the local Salvation Army for many years to prepare and serve Sunday evening dinners to those in need of a warm meal.  Your gifts will directly benefit local programs.  Website

Torres Shelter

Members of Bidwell Presbyterian’s congregation have sponsored and served a dinner at the Torres Shelter once a month for over over 14 years.  The Torres Community Shelter is a large 120-bed homeless shelter in Chico, CA that serves men, women, and families with children. In addition to providing overnight shelter, showers, and an evening meal, we strive to help people improve their circumstances…find jobs, housing, and many other things vital to getting back on their feet.  Website

Young Life and Young Lives

Young Life is an outreach ministry to adolescents who are unchurched and disinterested in Christ.  The approach is similar to the one Jesus took; we build relationships with adolescents and share with them our life and who Jesus is in terms they can understand and appreciate. Website