Meet Our Pastors

Henry Hansen

Head Pastor
Henry’s from Petaluma originally enjoyed 9 years prior to moving to Chico as a pastor at Burlingame Presbyterian Church in the Bay Area and lived for 7 years in suburbs of New York City in New Jersey. His joy apart from Christ is his three children (Hartley – age 6, Hayden – 4 and Madeline-2), and he enjoys coffee, ice cream covered in whipped cream, running, reading, playing guitar and keeping up with the latest blockbuster films at the cinema!

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He received his Master of Divinity at Princeton Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry at Fuller, went to undergrad at University of Arizona and finds that one of the incredible privileges of following Christ is that we always maintain a humble posture of being lifelong learners and, that our advantage as his followers is that we get to learn from the one true Master of all—Jesus, the Christ (Matt 16:6)!

Brian Solecki

Associate Pastor Young Adults and Family Ministries
Brian has been with Bidwell Pres since July 2008. He is the Associate Pastor for Young Adults and Family Ministries. Brian and his wife Angie have three children, Nate, Ella and Sam. Brian loves to be outdoors hiking, biking, climbing and swimming in Bidwell Park or in the mountains every chance he gets. Brian has been involved in Full-time ministry for more than 20 years.

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Brian’s perspective on faith can be summed up by Mike Yaconelli: “Shouldn’t everyone be awed and dazzled by Christians? Shouldn’t Christians be known by the fire in their souls, the wild-eyed gratitude in their faces, the twinkle in their eyes, and a holy mischief in their demeanors? Shouldn’t those who call themselves Christians be filled with awe, astonishment, and amazement?”

Shannon Christopher

Associate Pastor Congregational Care and Women’s Ministries
Shannon has been with Bidwell Presbyterian Church since August 2011, after graduating from Princeton Theological Seminary. She is the Associate Pastor for Congregational Care and Women’s Ministries. Shannon responded to her call from God after having had two previous careers, living in New York City and Chicago. 

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She grew up outside of Chicago and every once in a while you will be able to hear a Midwest accent. Shannon loves reading, movies, making jewelry, and working out. She likes to have fun with her son Rylan, who is in high school, and embarrassingly admits that her two dogs are like children to her too! Shannon considers it a privilege to serve BPC as a pastor and to be a part of the Chico community.

Allen McCallum

Director of Adult Discipleship
Allen is a semi-retired Pastor who serves as Director of Adult Discipleship, and has a Doctor of Ministry degree with special focus on renewal through adult Biblical studies. He and his wife, Jessie, like to eat seafood at Red Lobster. Allen likes it here because of the wonderful community, people and congregation!

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