Welcome To Bidwell Pres

I am so glad you find yourself on our website and we are excited about the possibility of being your church home.

You might be wondering, what it's like at Bidwell?  If I go there, will I be accepted and will it be the right fit for me and my family?  Such a great couple of questions.

When I think of Bidwell, I think of a number of things: People laughing and enjoying each other.  I think of grace and acceptance and how this shows itself through warm demeanors as you approach our worship spaces on Sunday, at coffee hour or s
mall groups.  I think of the excellence in music and worship leadership while we praise God together and celebrate our faith and life on Sundays, but all the while not taking ourselves too seriously.  I also reflect on the ways people give freely at our church through our active mission programs locally and globally, and how they step up to care for one another when times are hard and there is a need.  Finally, I consider the intergenerational family of Bidwell - our vibrant children’s program where hundreds of kids come each week to learn of God’s love for them, as well as the many youth, college students, and connection points for spiritual growth for adults.  This makes me grateful to raise my own three children—Hartley (age 5), Hayden (3) and Madeline (1½) here and to call this my own church family.                 
In nutshell, when I think of Bidwell Pres, I think of Christmas. By that, I mean the spirit of Christmas.  There’s pure joy in being here.  We are a group of imperfect people who gather expecting something good to happen in their midst, and there’s always an element of surprise!  God’s grace reveals itself week in and week out.  It keeps our church alive in Christ and hopeful about how we can make the world more like the kingdom of heaven.

Welcome.  I look forward to meeting you.  Please email me if you’d like to get to know me or our church better.

With much joy and expectation in Christ,


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