Join Our Team

Bidwell Presbyterian Church (BPC) is a large and active community of faith located in a vibrant university town in Northern California. Rooted in solid reformed theology, our mission is to help people experience a life-giving relationship with God and authentic community with each other. We are also committed to looking beyond the walls of our church, sacrificially loving and serving our neighbors, and making a difference in our community and world.

Gospel Choir Director
Do you have the skills and heart to lead a choir in modern, progressive styles as well as roots/spirituals? Do you enjoy singing and leading worship and praises to God with backup praise band? Then we want to hear from you! Part Time 8 hrs/week, 46 weeks/year $24/hr.

Children’s Program Coordinator
Our children’s ministry staff members are upbeat, friendly, caring and trustworthy. They have a passion for Christ and ministry to our littlest attenders. If you love children and believe you are called to Children’s Ministry, we’d love to talk about how you might fit on our team. Part Time 15-20 hrs/week; $13/hour

Streaming Video Technician
Be part of our Sunday production crew assisting with our video streaming with new high tech equipment. This is a great job opportunity! Experience working with computers, audio (preferably digital), video and lighting equipment. Part-time 4-5 hrs/week on Sundays at $15/hr

To Apply

Email or mail packet to: Lisa Stone, Business Administrator 208 W. 1st Street Chico, CA 95928 As we do not keep applications on file, please check for specific openings before sending your application packet. Bidwell Pres is an equal opportunity employer.

What to Include

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Resumé
  3. BPC Application
Getting Started

Submitting a FACILITY USE REQUEST FORM starts the process of requesting an event at BPC. Upon receipt of the request form, we will review your proposed date(s) against our master calendar.  If your dates are available, our Event Coordinator will connect with you to schedule an initial meeting to learn more about your event. Please read before submitting a Facility Use Request Form:  BPC Facility Use Policy     131 Facility Use Addendum


Our hospitality staff provides delicious, restaurant-quality meals as well as beautiful presentations.  We provide a FOOD SERVICE FORM to assist organizations in planning their event meals.  We recommend that this form is completed at the same time the Facility Request Form is being submitted.  Completed Food Service Forms should be emailed to at the beginning of your process.  Lea, our Hospitality Director, and Event Coordinator will discuss your meal options at the time of the initial meeting.

What is Provided in our Rental?

Tables (we have both rectangular and round) along with chairs. BPC staff will open and close the building before and after your event. Should you need additional time setting up, please indicate so on the Facility Use Request Form.  Depending upon the complexity of your event, our Event Coordinator may also be onsite to ensure that your event starts off well. Because we want to ensure that technical difficulties don’t derail your event, we will also provide a BPC Sound Technician.

Who Can Rent The Facility?

Our facility is available for weddings, memorials, as well as for not for profit events, however, there is no guarantee, or right to use BPC facilities by any non-BPC group.  Completing and submitting a Facility Use Request Form starts the approval process.  BPC Ministry events have priority.  BPCFacility Use Policy and 131 Addendum


Pricing is based on amount of space used and number of expected event participants. Please refer to this pricing chart when making your inquiry.

Facility Use

Thank you for considering Bidwell Presbyterian Church for your function. We have affordable, comfortable spaces that are available for day and evening rental. Our accessible lower level space features a large reception hall that comfortably holds up to 200 people for a sit-down meal and is equipped with specialty lighting, audiovisual, and sound equipment. We also have a commercially licensed kitchen and certified hospitality staff that are skilled in providing restaurant-quality meals for any size of a group. Our beautiful sanctuary seats 430 with 52 pews and a center aisle 61’6” in length is a spectacular setting for weddings (wedding process above). We have several small to medium-sized rooms that are also equipped with sound and audio-visual equipment and provide on-site staff (event coordinator, sound/visual technician, and custodian) to ensure that your event is successful.

Baptism at BPC

Baptism is truly a faith celebration shared by the entire congregation who promises to love and care for the newly baptized and to provide an example of faith and love. Baptisms at BPC are typically scheduled for the third Sunday of each month. Baptisms can be scheduled at any of our four services. If you would like to schedule a baptism submit a BAPTISM REQUEST FORM. Once your request is received and reviewed, one of our Administrative staff will be in contact with you for additional information and to schedule a baptism meeting with one of our pastors.

What Is Baptism

Baptism marks the beginning of a new life with Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit marks us as God’s own and enables us to accept God’s forgiveness through repentance. Jesus’ baptism was a kind of burial by water that foreshadowed his death on the cross. Jesus conquered death, so his victory over death is our victory, too. We receive the gift of the Holy Spirit at our baptism and enter a new life, new family and new love based on Christ. Death and darkness are left behind. We become a part of God’s Kingdom. Baptism is the sign and seal of our oneness with Christ. Water is the special sign of our oneness with Christ. It is the everyday element by which God’s promise at baptism comes to us. Water cleanses and renews us just as Jesus Christ cleanses our sins from us. The Holy Spirit is the seal that confirms our union with Christ at baptism. Through the action of the Holy Spirit, baptism brings us God’s promise of love, which nourishes our faith and unites us in fellowship with Christ and with all people who accept Christ. The significance of Baptism the faithfulness of God, the washing away of sin, rebirth, putting on the fresh garment of Christ, being sealed by God’s Spirit, adoption into the covenant family of the Church, resurrection and illumination in Christ.

Adult Baptism

Adults and youth who wish to confess their faith and enter the church can be baptized after a period of instruction and a public confession of faith in Christ. The goal of preparation is to help persons coming to baptism claim the faith as their own, so they may share actively in the life, work and mission of the church.

Infant Baptism

The Baptism of children witnesses to the truth that God’s love claims people before they are able to respond in faith. Parents bring their child for baptism on the basis of their own faith and are the vital force in fostering a child’s spiritual growth. It is their responsibility to promise to raise their children in the Christian faith, to profess their own faith in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and to receive God’s promise of grace for their children.