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Bidwell Presbyterian Church (BPC) is a large and active community of faith located in a vibrant university town in Northern California. Rooted in solid reformed theology, our mission is to help people experience a life-giving relationship with God and authentic community with each other. We are also committed to looking beyond the walls of our church, sacrificially loving and serving our neighbors, and making a difference in our community and world.

Interim Pastor
If you are a pastor with a passion for ministry and a heart to serve our congregation while we search for an Associate Pastor, consider being our Interim Pastor!  Pay – $25 – $30/hr based on experience; Hours 20/week with no benefits; Term position – expires when the permanent Associate Pastor position is filled.

Children’s Ministries Director
Bidwell Pres loves ministering to children and families. If you have a passion for your faith, for ministry and for kids and families, this position may be perfect for you! Pay $40,000 – $45,000 based on experience; Hours FT with benefits.

Account Tech II
If you have a knack for numbers, a heart for people, and a desire to be part of a great team for five hours a week, this position may be for you! Pay: $15-$17/hr based on experience; Hours 5/week no benefits.

To Apply

Email or mail packet to:
Lisa Stone, Business Administrator

208 W. 1st Street
Chico, CA 95928

As we do not keep applications on file, please check for specific openings before sending your application packet. Bidwell Pres is an equal opportunity employer.

What to Include

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Resumé
  3. BPC Application

Congratulations on your Engagement!

Bidwell Presbyterian Church is a beautiful location that offers elegant and inspiring options for weddings and receptions. Our professional and friendly staff strive to make your weddings special and most memorable.

Beautiful landscaped grounds and architect of Chico State University (located next door to Bidwell Presbyterian Church) and downtown Chico offer stunning backgrounds for wedding photography and videography.

Getting Started

Submitting a WEDDING REQUEST FORM starts the process of requesting a wedding at BPC. Upon receipt of the request form, we will connect you to one of our pastors (if one is not specifically requested) for an initial meeting. The purpose of this meeting is for our pastor to get to know you, as well as your spiritual journey. The pastor is the one who approves the request.  It can take sometimes up to 2 weeks for a pastor to connect with you.  If you have additional questions not covered here, please feel free to contact Marcie Anderson at or by calling the church office at 343-1484.

Marriage is. .

A Christian marriage begins with God and is a gift from God. It is marked by the lifelong commitment between a man and woman to one another and lived out in a faithful partnership of love and mutual care. Marriage was instituted by God, blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ and enriched in the presence of the Holy Spirit.


We require participation in a Discovering Bidwell Pres class (if you are not already members of BPC). This class is held a few times a year, typically in a two consecutive Thursday evening format. There is no fee for this class and you are not required to become of a member, however, this is a great way to become more familiar with our church, what we believe, and a way to meet our staff and connect with other prospective members.

Because marriage is such an important and permanent commitment between a man and a woman, we want you to be as prepared as possible. We require every couple to participate in a series of premarital counseling sessions prior to your wedding day. These sessions are designed to stimulate thought and conversation on topics critical to a healthy marriage. Counseling may be with your pastor or a counselor he/she approves.

The Ceremony

We view the marriage ceremony as a service of Christian worship. Within the framework of the worship service, we honor God through music, prayers, homily, readings, the exchanging of vows between bride and groom, and the participation of the gathered community of faith.