Real life change happens in the context of relationships. We believe one of the best ways to grow is in connection with other people who will encourage and challenge you.

Life Groups

We believe that you can’t do life alone. At BPC, life groups are how a crowd becomes a community and how we grow in relationship with God and those around us.


We want to help you grow deeper in your relationship with Christ and transform ordinary women and men into fully alive Christian disciples.


We all go through difficult seasons in life, but you don’t have to face it alone. Our Connect Care Ministry offers groups, classes and individual support for you during these times.

Life Groups

Life is not meant to be lived alone. God created you as a relational being, meant to experience life with other people.  That’s why at Bidwell Presbyterian we encourage you to join a smaller community where you can be yourself and grow in your walk with God.

Groups come in all shapes and sizes – married couples, singles, men, women, kids, no kids, workplace, young adult, senior – the list goes on.  No matter where you are in life, there’s a group for you.

To find a Life Group, learn more, or to lead a life group, complete our online form (button below too) or contact Allison Simcox, BPC Life Group Coordinator at (530) 343-1484 or

Our Featured Life Groups

Tuesday Mixed Life Group

Leslie Amani leads 20s – 50s through an in-depth study of scripture, with encouragement to live it out in their everyday lives. They meet Tuesdays from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. beginning September 11. The first study will follow the sermon series on The Next Christians book. FULL

Monday Mixed Life Group

Anyone is welcome to join this group led by Katy Thoma on Monday nights from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m., beginning September 10. The aim is for participants to form a community as they study The Next Christians book and sermons from the Next Christians sermon series. FULL

Women's Divorce Recovery Life Group

This ongoing group is for women experiencing divorce, or those who are already divorced, no matter for how long. Led by Kathy Bates in her home on Thursdays from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m., beginning with the book The Search for Significance by Robert McGee. REGISTER

Working Women's Life Group

Joy Anderson Kimball will lead a group of working women in her home from 5:30- 6:30 pm on each Tuesday evening beginning October 2. Joy’s experience of having owned Anderson and Associates for 40 years helped her develop strategies for balancing the many different roles and seasons of life that most working women face. She will share concepts and tools which offer perspective, support, and accountability for women who find the work-life balance a challenge. REGISTER

Wednesday Women's Life Group

This ongoing group is for working or recently retired women. Led by Jill VanderHeiden, the group meets each Wednesday at 6:30 pm in room 012, beginning September 12. A study will follow the sermon series on The Next Christians. Wednesday evening dinner at 5:30 pm in the fellowship hall is an available option. FULL

Thursday Mixed Life Group

Anyone is welcome to join this group led by Rachel & Ryan Arnold, and Lauren & Alex Piasecki. This group will meet the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month from October 4 – December 13. The location will rotate. This will be a book study leading deeply into scripture and will likely focus on spiritual disciplines. The book has not been determined at this time. FULL


Bidwell Presbyterian Church offers five terms of adult classes each year. Classes are taught by people from our staff, congregation, and community. Class subjects change each term. Most classes are offered at no cost to the participants, although some may require or recommend books you will need to purchase on your own. Typically BPC classes are held Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm and Thursday mornings at 9:30 am. Special weekend classes will be scheduled periodically throughout the year. Registration is now open for Term 1 Classes

Childcare Registration

Childcare for birth through 5th grade is offered during Wednesday night classes for free (with at least 1 adult attending a class). Check your children in on the first floor of the main church building. Our childcare workers are CPR and First Aid trained. All childcare staff and volunteers have undergone thorough background checks and training. Registration is required.

Mid Week Dinners

During class terms, we offer a family-friendly meal in our fellowship hall at 5:30 pm. It’s a great way to meet other people and enjoy a meal together before going to class.

Menu for Wednesday, Oct. 17
Swiss Chicken, Mixed Vegetables, Salad Bar, and Carrot Cake


You are responsible for acquiring your books for your classes, unless otherwise noted. Check the class description for details. You may shop locally or online from retailers such as or check at your local library.

Class Description

Homelessness, Poverty and the Response of the Church: This class will be using the model from “Mending the Divide.” We will learn how to “See, Immerse, Contend and Restore” and apply these principles to poverty and homelessness in our local context. The biblical call to share our food, provide shelter, loose the chains of injustice and set the oppressed free is clear and compelling. This class will discuss the causes and effects of poverty and homelessness, hear stories from those living these experiences and learn from those who are on the front lines restoring individuals and families to shalom.

Recommended Book for this Class: “Walking with the Poor: Mending the Divide” by Bryant Meyers, Jon Huckins, and Jer Swigart. This book is available on Amazon. The book is recommended but not required.

This class is taught by Tracy Davis. Tracy has lived in Chico since 1985. Together with her husband, Grady, they have raised 6 children and are loving this new season with their youngest daughter, Willa. Tracy was a criminal defense attorney for over 23 years and has recently completed the curriculum for a Masters of Theology and Ministry with an emphasis in Just Peacemaking at Fuller Seminary. She enjoys running and being outside with her family.



Class Description

Judges, Ruth and the Road to Bethlehem: We’ve made an interesting discovery. The tragic ending of Judges and the beautiful story of Ruth come to us from the same hand! The point is clear: if we give ourselves to counterfeit gods and base our lives on self-assertion, our common life spirals downward into chaos and disintegration. The story of Bethlehem in the time of Ruth presents a different possibility: by God’s grace, common people can achieve uncommon ends when they practice uncommon kindness.

The similarities between our time and the time when “the judges judged” are so striking! In such a time, the great themes of Judges – warning and hope, consequences and grace, beg to be studied, taught, and proclaimed, as much in the contemporary world as they were in ancient Israel. In all of it, we see the faithfulness of a gracious God.

Allen McCallum and Tammie Veach will co-teach this class.

Allen is a retired Presbyterian pastor who has taught Biblical Studies courses here at Bidwell for nearly 14 years. He has a Doctor of Ministry degree with a special focus on renewal through Adult Biblical Studies. Allen and his wife Jessie live in Paradise with Garfield the cat.

Tammie serves as interim Director of Visitation and Care here at Bidwell and is an ordained minister who has served as a Youth Pastor, Teaching Pastor, and Pastor of a small church. She loves to help people dig deeper into God’s word and is excited to be a part of the Adult Discipleship teaching team. Tammie, her husband and two kids moved to Chico from the Bay Area five years ago.

Class Description

Gifts and Call: In this class we will take a focused look at your passions, personality, and your possibilities. You will have the opportunity to intentionally reflect on how God has wired you to serve in His church and in the world.

Designed to equip people to know God’s unique call upon their lives, this class will help participants discover the natural and spiritual gifts God has given them. Students will gain confidence in how God is leading them to serve Him in meaningful ways, and find avenues to connect with others in service within the body of Christ and the community at large.

Materials Fee: $20.00

This class is taught by Henry Hansen. Henry is the Senior pastor here at Bidwell, he received his Master of Divinity at Princeton Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry at Fuller, and went to undergrad at University of Arizona. He finds that one of the incredible privileges of following Christ is that we always maintain a humble posture of being lifelong learners.

Class Description

C.S. Lewis (1898 – 1963) remains one of today’s most popular Christian authors more than fifty years after his death. One reason is that he wisely guides his readers through their struggles with his thoughtful, sensitive, and winsome words. Why? Because he faced major crises in life (such as two world wars, the Great Depression, and the death of his wife) and found resolution and profound joy through his faith in Christ. In this class, we will look at Lewis’s writing and discover why he still speaks today.

This class is taught by Greg Cootsona: Greg was an associate pastor of adult discipleship at Bidwell Presbyterian from 2002 – 2013. He is lecturer in Comparative Religion and Humanities at Chico State university and project leader for STEAM (Science and Theology for emerging Adult Ministries), an initiative at Fuller Seminary that provides resources for ministries serving 18-30 year olds in integrating Christian faith with mainstream science. Greg and his wife, Laura, live in Chico.

Recommended Book: “C.S. Lewis and the Crisis of a Christian” by Greg Cootsona. The book is available on Amazon – it is recommended but not required for this class.


The Congregational Care arm of the church exists to be Jesus’ loving presence, his hands, and feet, in very tangible and deliberate ways. We seek to actualize Paul’s instruction to the Galatians, “Carry each other’s burdens” by reaching out to those in our church body and in the community at large who are in need of healing, who are experiencing a life crisis, or who are marginalized.

Deacon Ministry

A deacon ministers to those who are in need, to the sick, and to the friendless.

Stephen Ministers

Stephen Ministers provide high-quality, confidential, and Christ-centered care and support to people who are experiencing grief, divorce.

Support Groups

We offer a variety of support groups to help individuals, couples and families deal with various life issues. Support groups provide a ring of supportive love and care around an individual who finds him/herself in a time of crisis, challenge, and/or heartache.