About Club Kidwell

Club Kidwell is a part of the Kidwell Park Children’s Ministry where we help children with special needs participate in the Sunday programs and activities during the 9:30 a.m service.

We are blessed to have experienced volunteers and staff who love working with kids with special needs and would be thrilled to spend a Sunday with them. This program is designed to help make church an accessible and stress-free time for kids and families alike. Club Kidwell is primarily an inclusion program where our staff and volunteers can be a child’s “buddy” to hang out with in their grade-specific classroom along with their peers. Club Kidwell also has a dedicated classroom filled with sensory games and activities. We love to create individualized programs and accommodations which may include any or all of the elements of our Sunday program including a Bible lesson, craft, play time, and worship for children who need a little more quiet/alone time or simply a different structure or setting. Our desire is to show children and their families that we are all beautiful in the eyes of God and that His love is endless.


Open and ongoing communication between the Special Needs Coordinator, the parents, and the teaching/volunteer staff is a high priority. Providing a safe environment for all of the children is essential and it is important that we share as much information as is necessary to ensure that will continue. Anything shared with volunteers will be on a “need to know” basis, and parents can be assured that we will hold in strict confidence anything that is shared about the child in our program. Occasionally, a team of professionals that are part of our Advisory Team will need to meet and talk about an accomodation plan to ensure we are in line with the ministry guidelines. The form below must be filled out prior to a child’s first visit.


What Are Special Needs

Special needs is defined as any need that affects learning and participating in a classroom environment or youth activity that requires the support and assistance of a specially trained volunteer. This can include but is not limited to: learning differences, sensory needs, communication issues, ADD or ADHD, Autism Spectrum, physical limitations, and medical needs. A diagnosis is not required to participate in the Club Kidwell Program. Any child that needs special assistance is welcome and we will make every effort to accomodate their need.