Adult Discipleship

Our Mission

The mission of Adult Discipleship at Bidwell Presbyterian Church is to offer ways for God’s spirit to transform ordinary women and men into fully alive Christian disciples, centered on the scripture, who love God and others with all that they are.

We offer 5 terms of adult Christian education classes each year covering a variety of topics including Biblical studies, theology and Christian history, book studies, and practical Christian living.

Core Classes

Core classes are designed to help move you along a directed pathway of spiritual growth. We try to offer CORE Classes each term, with additional weekend classes throughout the year so that you can easily complete all courses within 1 to 2 years.

Biblical Studies

Bidwell recognizes that living the truth of Scripture is key to spiritual growth. Classes offered include Old and New Testament surveys, studies of specific books of the Bible, and Discovering the Bible introduction courses. At least 1 Biblical Studies class is offered each term.

The Sunday Study

A weekly study and discussion group open to all ages and stages. We look at various books and themes from the Bible as a means of informing and enriching the participant’s Christian walk. This is a drop-in style class that meets every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. in room 012.

Christian History Tours

Bi-annual guided trips to places like the Holy Land to explore Christian history and visit ancient Biblical locations.

Core Class List

Discovering BPC is our introductory core class. It is designed to help you explore the Christian faith and the life and ministry of Bidwell Presbyterian Church. We want to know you better and help you make an informed decision about Christianity and our congregation.

Discovering the Bible is intended as a basic introduction to the Bible. It’s designed for those with little to no background and for those who have loved the Bible for years but could use a refresher. Each class term we offer either this or another Bible class, to help facilitate your growth in understanding the Bible and in your daily Christian walk.

Spiritual Disciplines courses will help you take a closer look at essential Christian practices such as prayer, Sabbath, reading Scripture, and stewardship. Join us on this journey of going deeper into the heart of God.

Gifts and Call – this class takes a focused look at your passions, personality, and your possibilities. It will provide an opportunity to intentionally reflect on how God has wired you to serve in His church and in the world.

Missional Life – Classes offered under our Missional Life heading take what you have learned about God and yourself through the other core classes and helps you see how you can reach out in service to the world. Study how Jesus lived out God’s mission in his own life and learn how to live out God’s mission in the world through the relationships you already have.

These core classes and others are offered as Adult Discipleship courses on Wednesday evenings through two fall and three spring course terms.

Check our website under “Connecting” for information on Winter Term classes of the 2018/2019 program year in January.

Biblical Studies Course - Winter Term 2019

This winter Ric Machuga will teach a 5 week course, Wednesday night and Thursday morning, on the Book of Romans. Look for more specific information on this class on our “Connecting” page in January.

Current Sunday Study Info

The Sunday Study is currently working their way through the book Acts for Everyone – part 2 by N.T. Wright. Class facilitator, Sandy Mercer says, “We’ve found it to be rather exciting to read and discuss how the believers, after Jesus’ death and resurrection, were scattered because of persecution, causing the message of grace, love, and hope about the Messiah to reach so many people around the Mediterranean area.” The class is a multi-generational group of very loving and caring people, who welcome others gladly.

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